After spending more than twenty years in the fashion industry, designing apparel collections for big successful labels, my perspective shifted. Over the years I felt the connection between my artistic process, fashion, daily life and career, was growing apart. It was time for a change. Less fast fashion and more artistry, less monotony and more personal expression.

What do I actually want to wear to feel most at home in my own body? How can I savour the small moments of everyday life that I hold dearest? How do I start and end the day in beauty and comfort? RE-GARDE is born out of all these questions. It is a way for me to cherish the creative process and take the time to develop garments in an ethical and environmentally responsible way.

RE-GARDE’s first capsule collection began with a series of paintings I made, which inspired a small range of garments with original prints. This collection brings the value of time spent for oneself into centerstage. It is about upscale comfort wear that you can ‘keep on keeping on’ wherever you go. The type of clothing that connects us with the world around us and the people we hold close.

Lin Vermeire, founder.