What do I actually want to wear to feel most at home in my own body? How can I savour the small moments of everyday life that I hold dearest? How do I start and end the day in beauty and comfort? RE-GARDE is born out of all these questions. It is a way for me to cherish the creative process and take the time to develop garments in an ethical and environmentally responsible way.

RE-GARDE’s first capsule collection began with a series of paintings I made, which inspired a small range of garments with original prints. This collection brings the value of time spent for oneself into centerstage. It is about upscale comfort wear that you can ‘keep on keeping on’ wherever you go. The type of clothing that connects us with the world around us and the people we hold close.


RE-GARDE is committed to sustainable practices, from the seed that started the brand all the way to the item you wear. RE-GARDE is about the connection to our body and the world around us, so being conscious of the clothes we wear and where they come from is important to us. Our items are made with high-quality materials and designed to be timeless, so you can wear them season after season.

Our label forges lasting relationships with everyone involved in the process, from our suppliers in India to the branding team in Amsterdam. The fabrics we use are sourced and transformed in New Delhi, India from existing supply chains, eliminating any potential production waste. RE-GARDE carefully chooses fabrics that are composed entirely of natural fibers. What benefits your body, benefits the planet too. For us, the path to sustainability is ongoing. We will continue to be mindful, transparent and ambitious in providing collections that feel good to wear and good to make. For more info see link in footer (find us on COSH).


Extending the life of pre-loved garments is one of the best practices in making fashion more sustainable. That is why we are launching RE-LOVE, a collection of vintage, reworked items that perfectly complement the RE-GARDE aesthetic.

In the RE-LOVE collection you can discover hand-picked vintage pieces with a contemporary twist, all while giving new life to garments that are made to last.